Nix Eradicatus’ Reckoning’86 – Issue 1 – Page 3

And so we are at the end of the prologue. What is it that has Breen so scared?  You’ll have to wait while we get some other characters in on this to find out.  Starting next week we’ll be getting into Act 1, where you’ll be introduced to our batch of protagonists Ruth, Razorface, and Bruce as well as a car named Slick Knickers. Stick around for it.

Nix Eradicatus’ Reckoning’86 – Issue 1 – Page 2

Another page of everyone’s soon to be favorite Angel of the Post-Apocalypse, Breen. While she takes some time to figure herself out, I’m sure that questions are starting to arise, stay tuned for answers. We were originally going to use this as a bonus page for special subscribers, but we are still working on that functionality and felt it so showed the character’s nature we decided to put it here for everyone to enjoy.  You’re welcome 😀

Nix Eradicatus’ Reckoning’86 – Issue 1 Cover

On our first day, I’m happy to present the cover of an upcoming comic I will be posting on the site, Nix Eradicatus’ Reckoning ’86, a weird and sexy story of undead mutants and high adventure in a post-apocalyptic parallel world; where Rebels and necromancers fight a corrupt Illuminati government and romance some beautiful mutants. Bonus material of an adult nature will be available in weeks to come to those who donate to the site. Check out the first pages next Monday.