First Journal Post (work update)

  This is the first of what will likely be intermittent blog posts  for Pateon. I will eventually try to produce with a regular sechudle. Once I have a number of patrons, I will occasionally respond to questions and comments based on these posts as I am able.  

I am making this firs Blog post Public since it outlines a number of projects and goal I hope to achive with patron support, but later “working blogs” will be Patrons Only.

Presently I am trying to develop a work schedule around final production of several nearly finished projects. Some of these, It is monetary reasons holding back production, trying to pay contributors to the A&ON (Art & Occult Nonsense) books to justify their time writing on these complex projects. Others are simply held up by labor intensive processes such as final layout, review and editing which is a bit tedious and time consuming, which has been a major hold up on the release of “Hel’s Song Vol 1.” because the scale of the project and its implementation was far larger of a task than I expected.  

These factors as they are, most of these projects should be released this year and I am making a significant effort to organize an infrastructure that will help me sustain the production of my projects and other art. This all said, here is the list of what I am hoping to accomplish this year: 

 -Release of “Hel’s Song Vol. 1”, an illustrated post-modern retelling of Viking myth spoken from the perspective of the Goddess of Death. 

 -Rev. Panik’s A&ON Presents Vol. 3: Wage Earners of Sin – A sort of Bizarre Grimoire based on Ancient books and surreal sensibilities that show both the dark and light side of dark age demons. The art by Panik is given context set against modern fables written by Ava Mailloux (Contributed to Masters of the Mythic Vol. 1). 

 -New Edition of A&ON Vol. 1: Elementals – The Earlier edition written w/ Galena Storme was well received but some felt it lacked explanation and needed some formatting changes for readability. to correct this, this expanded volume will not only include several more colorful diagrams and text, but an additional 20 (perhaps 20+) new illustrations. It is my hope to provide a new edition in this model for Vol. 2 at some point in the following year as well. 

 -Discount editions of A&ON: It is my hope to release smaller Black and white editions of A&ON 1-3 by the years End. Some people who are interested in these books have had a hard time affording the larger size full color art book editions. so in addition to the expanded, high end revised (perhaps even hard cover) editions, I will be trying to release more standard book fair with volumes being at least half the cost of their full colour counterparts. I will also be trying to develop Colour Ebook editions as well. 

 -Masters of the Mythic: So far I’m getting good response but I’ve had trouble getting the word out about my quarterly illustrated pulp journal of post modern fantasy. I am trying to streamline the release process as I work on releasing a second Volume in April, and I’m hoping to continue this project on time, producing 4 issues by the end of the year. The book will hopefully have a simultaneous print/ebook release, and I will try to make all digital copies available to most Patrons above the $5 mark and expand this as my support increases.  

-Studio: It is my hope to get enough supporters that I can acquire a studio space. My lack of dedicated space and supplies limits the amount of work that I am capable of doing. I would love to be doing painting available for sale and even patron rewards, but without the facilities to do so its just wishing.   

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