High Adventure with a 3-leg Cat

This is Milo, and he’s just finding out that he’s magical, lost in a strange land of adventure.  He has to make new friends and fight monsters of all sorts….

This illustration for one of the Serilized features (“Milo the Rascal”) In my Pulp Fantasy Collection, “Masters of the Mythic.” Each Volume presents several short form and serial fiction and illustrations.  Although it presently features predominately stories and art by myself, other guest artists and writers will be included  (Vol. 1 Includes stories by  Ava Mailloux, & Alex Z. Legerdemain ).  Within each volume wide varity of genere stories (horror/romance/suspence/action…) all vaugly connected by a world manipulated by wizards who live beyond dreams.

The first Volume is available at Lulu.com 

There is also a free PDF of the Featured Chaper from the first Volume, “Beyond the Dreams of Space” for Patrons pledging a 1.00!  It is a story of Iste, Queen of Lost Atlantis, Traveling across the very mind of the cosmos to find a lost friend in a distant galaxy!

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