It’s good to have me back!

This is the first live day of the new site, a long-overdue replacement of my previous site. Although we are still sorting out the bugs and smoothing out the wrinkles, this site is much improved on the previous one, with the store being consolidated on our site, new products being available, a gallery being hosted on site of my artwork, a new forum and many more new features. As well as providing daily updates of my older artwork that may have been seen on Facebook, DeviantART or other sites, I will be adding previously unreleased stories and art, to include to completely new comic projects. In addition to re-posting Everybody Hates Her, and A&ON archives, I will be re-posting a completely rewritten and reworked version of Hel’s Song, as well as the completely new comic, Reckoning ’86 written by Nix Eradicatus, and the semi-autobiographical comic, Beneath Kadath, as well as other works. Additionally the site will be releasing a rough cut of an independent art film that we made a few summers ago; its release was held up because of technical difficulties but is now available for download. Please help develop a final cut by making a donation to its final production. Please be patient as we deal with these first couple days of getting the site online, because we have so much to share in the weeks to come.

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