An Outage and Some Updates

After scheduling the first few months of content we had a modem outage that took Internet out of my house and studio for a little over a week. This delayed some updates regarding a reformatting of the site’s Gallery, which should be up within the next few days, and many of the images went up without tags or news posts associated with them. I’ve spent much of the day catching up on these and going back into the backlog and adding associated posts and tags, I’ll probably keep at it though the night and and tomorrow. Hopefully some new functionality will be brought to the site in the next few weeks ahead, keep a lookout.

EBHH Part 1 First Pages

Here is the Start of Bixby’s and my collaborative Noir Furry Comic “Everybody Hates Her,” as well as a few back loaded pages of credits and dedication.  Long time followers of mine might be familiar with EBHH from early in my time online, although most previous postings of the comic were the rough text separated style with the large block format Images.  I’m proud to now be posting the slick re-cut of the comic, as it took a lot of work for us to put together with tons of extra art added since its first zine style printing. Hope you enjoy.

Additions and Adjustments

The Site has been live for about a week now and its been going well so far, and I’ve been getting good feed back. I’m still getting the knack for the new page and how to update it; and my helpers behind the scenes are working out the bugs with the page’s current function and design, So expect both big and small changes over the next few weeks.

I’m hoping to set up a better option for the news feed (for posts like this) as well as a better procedure for posting updates to social media, so expect some changes with my social media presence in the next few weeks as well. Glitches with the Gallery should be solved in the next few weeks as well, and I’m hoping to have a Forum up and running too!

once all that is done, I’m hoping to bring new and revised products on line just in time for gift giving during the winter holiday seasons. Hopefully by then we’ll have made the on site store even easier to use also. I’ll keep you all posted.

Great Elemental King of Air

Paralda Rex

On Wednesdays I will be posting Images from my A&ON Series (Art & Occult Nonsense).  Most of the early images will be re-posts of what many have seen on my facebook or in other places, but I should eventually get back to newer images.  Hopefully I will begin releasing not only the first three books in the series with some edits and addition, but some smaller and more affordable art only collections of this work so keep an eye out.

This image itself is one of the “Elementals” series, denoting the Great Elemental King of Air, Paralda Rex, Master of the Slyphs, Reason, and the Magical Sword.

EBHH Cover

It’s been a little while since I’ve had a site hosting “Everybody Hates Her,” which I wrote and drew with Katie Sue Hollenbeck (aka. Glenda Bixby). So on Tuesdays I’ll be re-posting the initial 3 issues, which are available as a trade novel on my site store or at right now. And when the run is complete we will finally start posting a sequel in the form of a serialized, illustrated pulp novel. We hope you enjoy.

Nix Eradicatus’ Reckoning’86 – Issue 1 Cover

On our first day, I’m happy to present the cover of an upcoming comic I will be posting on the site, Nix Eradicatus’ Reckoning ’86, a weird and sexy story of undead mutants and high adventure in a post-apocalyptic parallel world; where Rebels and necromancers fight a corrupt Illuminati government and romance some beautiful mutants. Bonus material of an adult nature will be available in weeks to come to those who donate to the site. Check out the first pages next Monday.

It’s good to have me back!

This is the first live day of the new site, a long-overdue replacement of my previous site. Although we are still sorting out the bugs and smoothing out the wrinkles, this site is much improved on the previous one, with the store being consolidated on our site, new products being available, a gallery being hosted on site of my artwork, a new forum and many more new features. As well as providing daily updates of my older artwork that may have been seen on Facebook, DeviantART or other sites, I will be adding previously unreleased stories and art, to include to completely new comic projects. In addition to re-posting Everybody Hates Her, and A&ON archives, I will be re-posting a completely rewritten and reworked version of Hel’s Song, as well as the completely new comic, Reckoning ’86 written by Nix Eradicatus, and the semi-autobiographical comic, Beneath Kadath, as well as other works. Additionally the site will be releasing a rough cut of an independent art film that we made a few summers ago; its release was held up because of technical difficulties but is now available for download. Please help develop a final cut by making a donation to its final production. Please be patient as we deal with these first couple days of getting the site online, because we have so much to share in the weeks to come.