An Outage and Some Updates

After scheduling the first few months of content we had a modem outage that took Internet out of my house and studio for a little over a week. This delayed some updates regarding a reformatting of the site’s Gallery, which should be up within the next few days, and many of the images went up without tags or news posts associated with them. I’ve spent much of the day catching up on these and going back into the backlog and adding associated posts and tags, I’ll probably keep at it though the night and and tomorrow. Hopefully some new functionality will be brought to the site in the next few weeks ahead, keep a lookout.

The Oubliette – A New 5e Campaign Setting

Thousands of years ago, the druid Norah defeated an evil Lich in his treasure room. However, the Lich’s final act was to trap her, along with all the contents of the room, into a pocket dimension prison called the Oubliette. Using the resources available to her, she created life within the Oubliette: tiny people who she hoped would help her escape. But people being people, instead focused on their own internal dramas. Devastated by her inability to escape this prison, Norah entered a magical hibernation and transformed into the planet Nore, where she has remained. Now, the descendants of those original inhabitants of the Oubliette must thwart the Lich’s followers from re-assembling his phylactery and restoring him to life, potentially destroying the entire universe inside.

Please support our Kickstarter for our new 5e Campaign setting. We’ve been live for only 3 days, and we’re already over 75% of the way there! Even $1 donations help, and if you donate a little more, you’ll be eligible for either our alpha or beta test play-groups.

As we reach our tier goals, any art for that tier will be released here for free.