The Descent of Elizabeth Book: Book 0, Issue 1 (FULL COLOR EDITION)


ISBN 978-1-4583-2905-9

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Spooky bad girl, Bethany Mann, has just discovered that a famed and previously unknown relative has a mysterious past. Will she discover the dark secrets to power held in the Black Book, or will she fall victim to the Unspeakable Cult? It seems that only a flash-in-the-pan actress from a century ago has the answers she seeks.

What if I told you “Betty Boop” was a Lovecraftian vampire, brought back from her essential salts by her great-granddaughter, and then told you that ain’t half of it! Professor Elizabeth Book did a lot of living outside her three years of movie fame, and an investigator could find her to be involved in societies of decadent artists, dope-smoking musicians, and even mad occultists. Once you start looking, it’s funny how much Mythos seems to have crept its way into Fleischer Studios.

A new series of graphic novels that combines the eldritch strangeness of Lovecraft’s Mythos with the silly, rubberhose quality of Fleischer Studios cartoons, fused in a style that is all its own: surprisingly serious, yet satirical, while still being darkly humorous. The Queer sensibilities of the creators manage to represent this sexual idol in all her voluptuousness, while simultaneously empowering her as a smart but deadly feminist icon.

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