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The Descent of Elizabeth Book: Book 0, Issue 2 (DIGITAL PDF EDITION)


ISBN 978-1-387-99796-1

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Bethany Mann, a modern goth occultist, has graduated from dabbler to true magician. For in her attic she has used necromantic alchemy to resurrect her ancestor, the famed 1930’s triple threat, Betty Boop. As the undead starlet slowly regains her powers, she shares dark secrets about their family line. Now Bethany must balance her hunger for knowledge against Betty’s growing thirst for blood.

What if I told you “Betty Boop” was a Lovecraftian vampire, brought back from her essential salts by her great-granddaughter, and then told you that ain’t half of it! Prof. Elizabeth Book did a lot of living outside her three years of movie fame, and an investigator could find her to be involved in societies of decadent artists, dope-smoking musicians, and even mad occultists. Once you start looking, it’s funny how much Mythos seems to have crept its way into Fleischer Studios.

A new series of graphic novels that combines the eldritch strangeness of Lovecraft’s Mythos with the silly, rubberhose quality of Fleischer Studios cartoons, fused in a style that is all its own: surprisingly serious, yet satirical, while still being darkly humorous. Queer creators, Panik Bedlam and Antone Bonafini, manage to represent this sexual idol in all her voluptuousness, while simultaneously empowering her as a smart but deadly feminist icon.

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