Dandelion Pipebomb

I did this promotional poster for Tim Batty, singer of Dandelion Pipebomb (also featuring Matt Brown & Jamie Roy Tavares), a few years ago. When I got the band’s permission to use their music in the movie I decided to use the image in the opening credits.  I love their music, you should search them out on YouTube and the internet in general, its Madcap.

The Cyclopses

Another Image from the title sequence of “Trail of Hephaestus” showing each of the characters.  Here are the Cyclopses, played by T.J. St. John, Katie Sue (Bixby) Hollenbeck, and myself.  They are the Rude and Rowdy handymen of Hephaestus who help him forge Zeus’ lightning in the play.  If you haven’t seen the movie, click on the Audio/Visual Tab.