An update, and a surprise!

The books have arrived, and we decided to offer them not just in color, but also in black and white! Our Kickstarter backers who opted for a print book as a reward will all receive a color copy, but we wanted to also offer them at a lower price point. These will be available for sale here on www.panikbedlam.com in just a few weeks, once all backers have received their copies.

Kickstarter Update

My Kickstarter for The Descent of Elizabeth Book is halfway to its goal! Issue #3 is deep in production even as the first two are being promoted. Don’t forget to back this project, and tell all your friends about it too! Help me beat the algorithms by sharing around in all your favorite places 😉

New Graphic Novel!

I’m very excited about my upcoming graphic novel, The Descent of Elizabeth Book. Inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft and Fleischer Studios, the first issue follows Bethany, as she makes her way through her native city of Salem. New pages are added to my website every week, but to see it all right away, make sure to support my upcoming kickstarter campaign to get a batch printed for distribution! 

First Annual Yearly Recap

Hello everyone!

I don’t like the internet, so I’ve kept this Patreon a fairly low activity one. Unfortunately over the last year, this means it’s become more of a no-activity one. But that doesn’t mean nothing has been happening! So to celebrate the New Year, I bring you my first-annual yearly recap post!

I began the year focusing on my fine art. My preferred medium for fine art is Conte crayon on paper, and there are some fantastic pieces that are right here on Patron… They’re my last posts, in fact. 

In the Spring of this year, I took some time off to focus on my mental health. I’ve been working nearly non-stop for the last six years or so, whether on my projects or at a wage job, and taking the time off to slow down and breathe has definitely kept the burnout at bay. I spent a lot of the summer working on concept art and notes for a very special project I’ve been working on: a graphic novel based on Lovecraft’s C’thulu Mythos and Betty Boop. It’s been quite the artistic journey, matching my pen-and-ink art style to the old cartoons of the 1930’s, but I think all my effort is definitely going to visually pay off. I’m about to start a special crowdfunding page just for this, so check back for updates!

If you’ve seen me in person, it was probably at an event for @RubixPube (https://www.facebook.com/rubixpubepa/). They certainly seem to like the posters I’ve been drawing for them, they’ve made one into both their profile pic and a t-shirt! 

My website, panikbedlam.com, has been offline for a few months while I get myself back in order. The relaunch date is January 31, 2022.

I want to continue to thank you all for supporting me through this rough time. I’ll be making a valiant effort to keep everyone updated through to the future.

Happy New Year to everyone!

Rev. Panik EVlynn Bedlam

Sorry for the Posting lag – updates coming

Last time I added a number of posts I ended up posting them all in one go… silly me. Its only been a few weeks since, but in that time I didn’t end up posting, for although I’ve done a number of pieces and took photos, I only just got them uploaded to the computer. So I’m going to schedule these over the next few weeks, so keep an eye out for that. I’m trying to work up a real schedule for regular updates, and we are making progress, but expect some interuptions over the next few months while it gets figured out. pleas let me know if there is anything you’d like to see in the future.

A Sensual Sound

18×24 in conte on charcoal paper. This was the first of several cubist experiments I’ve done using overlapping model reference, I’m pretty pleased with it. I got a little to into it and only ended up taking one progress picture at about the halfway point so I’ll post it publicly. but I have some additional content for our higher level donors on the way over the next two weeks.  For those who are interested in purchasing, I still have this Piece available for 200.00