Help Me Unlock 1st Goal ($100 of donations)

A close friend and personal patron gave me a gift of a new computer, a huge help to me because my present system is quite old and not up to the task of running many of the programs I use to generate content.  However, I can’t move to the new system until I can afford the monthly license fee for Adobe and other related costs.  Additionally, I need to build some basic operational cost to develop releases for my books and other projects, as well as purchasing replacements for my dwindling repository of art supplies.

I have always tried to release as much of my artwork as I could for free on Facebook, Deviant Art, and others. Unfortunately, the sales of my books and other products are not enough to cover my basic costs.  I am hoping to continue making as much of my work widely available as possible, but that requires support so I can continue to produce it.

At the moment I am still developing my blog and much of my art is being updated behind a paywall.  I would like to change that, posting my finished illustrations publicly and limiting the patron blog posts to exclusive content.  For as little as a $1 a month, I can do this if enough of you help.

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