Beneath Kadath Cover

This is the cover for a personal Project I’ve spent the front end of the year getting started, “Beneath Kadath: A Phantasmic Venery of Familiar Reveries.”  Despite some mild Lovecraftian homage and allusion, It is more of a sort of a gonzoid psychedelic autobiography, or what I call Phrenobiography.  I will be posting chapter one over the next few months, which is essentially the prologue.  A break might come between chapters, as I am still presently producing chapter two as we speak, so keep an eye on the new feed for updates.  But I’m very excited about this project and hope to bring it to completion.

Dandelion Pipebomb

I did this promotional poster for Tim Batty, singer of Dandelion Pipebomb (also featuring Matt Brown & Jamie Roy Tavares), a few years ago. When I got the band’s permission to use their music in the movie I decided to use the image in the opening credits.  I love their music, you should search them out on YouTube and the internet in general, its Madcap.

An Outage and Some Updates

After scheduling the first few months of content we had a modem outage that took Internet out of my house and studio for a little over a week. This delayed some updates regarding a reformatting of the site’s Gallery, which should be up within the next few days, and many of the images went up without tags or news posts associated with them. I’ve spent much of the day catching up on these and going back into the backlog and adding associated posts and tags, I’ll probably keep at it though the night and and tomorrow. Hopefully some new functionality will be brought to the site in the next few weeks ahead, keep a lookout.