Ritual Item (Potential Wishing Machine)


I Finished the initial carving of a project I’ve been working on. A ritual item I’m carving from a block of 4×4 I sawed off of a larger plank. I posted a picture of it when I only had two sides done in an earlier post, but now all the main carving is done. However, I still need to do some more specific shaping of the block, cleaning and deepening the carvings, and sanding it down.

once all the carvings look deep enough and all the block shaping is done, I’ll be filling the cuttings with colored wax (i.e. crayons) and then give it another sanding to remove any stray wax. Then I’ll be painting the sides with a dye, wrapping the grooves with gold wire and then sealing it.

I’ve been considering putting steel bolts on the East and West sides of the block, not only to anchor the gold wire; But also doing it in such a way that electrifying the block would create an electromagnetic field. I’ll need to do some research before deciding and it would likely require the inclusion of copper into the system.

Although this would likely not have any scientific or engineering use beyond creating interesting shapes with iron filings, this would turn the device into a sort of “wishing machine” with the block becoming the platform for the wishing focus. If this shows results it may end up the component of a larger device. If you want to know what a wishing machine is, here is William Burroughs talking about it. https://youtu.be/Q9kwcJpX_Zg

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